About Moonlark

Moonlark is a non-profit educational and artistic organization that was created in 1998 by a group of poets, actors, writers, musicians, and artists who wanted to have a place to collaborate and experiment with a wide variety of performance projects. A team of volunteers cleared brush from an overgrown pasture and broke ground for the Moonlark Theatre, while at the same time holding classes in acting and poetry.  Moonlark started the Baton Rouge Poetry Slam in 1999 and ran it for seven years before turning it over to the Poetry Alliance. In addition, Moonlark has produced many performances of Shakespeare and Moliere, various contemporary plays, and an original performance of regional ethnography: An Oral History of the Felicianas. These performances have been held at the Moonlark Theatre in Ethel, as well as other regional venues such as The Baton Rouge Gallery, The Arts Council of Baton Rouge, The Old State Capitol, Hemmingbough, and The Old Centenary College. MoonLark continues to experiment with performance that will engage, educate, and build an audience for the Arts in central Louisiana.

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